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SiX/SFP: Tracking Self-Managed Abortions in the U.S.

Join us for the second webinar in our Documenting Impact series, a collaboration with the Society of Family Planning.

Self-managed abortion with pills is safe and effective- the greatest risk is legal, not medical. Our guest researchers and state legislator will discuss the use of self-managed abortion, the impact of criminalization on people seeking and providing care, and new insights from state legislators thinking about policy related to self-managed abortion.

Speakers include…

Dr. Abigail Aiken (she/her), Project SANA, University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Melissa Madera (she/her), Project SANA, Founder & Director, The Abortion Diary.

Laura Huss (she/her), Senior Researcher, If/When/How.

Joined by, Senator Natalie Murdock (she/her), representing North Carolina’s District 20.