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State legislators around the country are advancing reproductive freedom.

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The Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council is the country’s only network of state legislators who champion reproductive health, rights, and justice. With hundreds of state legislators from around the country, this network of visionary leaders is changing the game to achieve the equitable, resilient, healthy, and prosperous future we long to see - a future that includes reproductive freedom for all.

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RFLC Research Spotlight: Evaluating Priorities

States with more restrictive abortion policies tend to have fewer supportive policies in place for women and families. As legislative sessions have begun across the country, we are already

Recent Press Hits

“We may have lost the fight so far to fend off some of these anti-abortion actions and deny women the right to make their own health care decisions, but we’re winning in the power that we’re building across Kentucky.”

How Black Women Legislators are Fighting Abortion Bans and Trumpism is State Legislatures

Rep. Attica Scott

State Representative of Kentucky's 41st District

““The parallels between the January 6 and anti-abortion protests are stark. Both groups are fueled by lies and misinformation and use tactics rooted in patriarchal and white supremacist ideas about who is and is not worthy of having their voices heard or needs met. Both groups aimed to harm and traumatize the people with whom they disagreed through violent rhetoric and actions. Were the two groups a Venn Diagram, it would likely look like a circle.””

Feminists React: 48 Years After Roe v. Wade, What’s Next?

Sen. Erika Geiss

State Senator of Michigan's 6th District

“We must remain focused and remember that there are few issues more fundamental to our rights and more entwined with our economy and community than reproductive freedom.”

Why I will fight for reproductive freedom in the 2021 General Assembly

Julie von Haefen

State Representative of North Carolina's 36th District

“As we prepare for the frightening possibility of a far right-leaning United States Supreme Court, the Reproductive Freedom Act reinforces that the New Jersey Constitution protects the right to abortion and reproductive autonomy.”

We must protect reproductive freedom in New Jersey

Annette Chaparro

Assemblywoman of New Jersey's 33rd District

““My hope is that our courage to talk about [forced parental consent] inspires those of a more senior generation to understand that our values are the same, and it’s okay to be out loud about it.””

Many Abortion Clinics May Not Survive COVID-19 Unless Progressives Take Bolder Action

Rep. Anna V. Eskamani

State Representative of Florida's 47th District

“I urge my colleagues to remember the diversity of reproductive needs Tennessee women face and that we come together to find ways to offer more health care and support to women and families not less.”

Tennessee's Women Need Full Range of Reproductive Options Even During COVID-19

Rep. London Lamar

State Representative of Tennessee's 91st District

“Research shows that states with the most abortion restrictions have fewer supportive policies in place for women and families.”

No One Has the Right to Tell You What to Do With Your Body — Including the State of Louisiana

Rep. Mandie Landry

State Representative of Louisiana's 91st District

“Ninety-five percent of counties in Georgia lack an abortion provider, compared with 90 percent of all US counties, all while the state requires mandatory waiting periods and counseling, restricts insurance coverage of abortion care, and also restricts abortion throughout pregnancy.”

One Year After Georgia’s Abortion Ban, the Supreme Court Tackles Crisis of Access

Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick

State Representative of Georgia's 93rd District

“Systematic, institutional change takes time. Black America can’t do it alone because 'Freedom is never given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.'”

How Can All Lives Matter If Black Lives Don’t?

Mia McLeod

State Senator of South Carolina's 22nd District

“Democracy and reproductive freedom go hand in hand. At their most fundamental levels, both concepts involve the autonomy and freedom to determine one’s destiny through exercising choice.”

Six for SiX Spotlight: State Representative Fentrice Driskell (FL)

Fentrice Driskell

State Representative of Florida's 63rd District

Watch Video: State Innovation Exchange Visits El Salvador

The Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council is a community of state legislators who share values, learn from each other, access resources, technical support, and training, and speak as one chorus of voices in support of reproductive freedom.

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