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About the
Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council

The Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council, a program of State Innovation Exchange, is the nation’s only cross-state network of state legislators who support reproductive health, rights, and justice.

Launched in 2018, the hundreds of legislators in the RFLC have built a community of shared values to learn from each other, access resources and technical support and training, and speak as one chorus of voices in support of reproductive freedom.

All legislators in the RFLC have endorsed our Vision and Values Platform and work with SiX to convene in- and cross-state legislator convenings, events, and trainings; participate in regular information-sharing webinars and newsletters; amplify their voices in local and national press outlets; connect with research and clinical experts in the field; and take part in other special projects, ranging from cross-state and international delegations on abortion rights to video projects.

We believe in working with state legislators to build power for and with the people, and that reproductive freedom – including the right and ability to access abortion care – is a critical cornerstone of progressive values.