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FDA and Medication Abortion

Reflections on Telehealth Usage for Medication Abortion

In this video, Dr. Ushma Upadhyay shares her research and reflections on how telehealth has impacted individuals’ access to abortion care in the U.S.

Making the Connection: How Abortion Bans Impact Black Maternal Health

During Black Maternal Health Week, SiX, NOBEL Women, and the Society of Family Planning (SFP) hosted the webinar “Making the Connection: How Abortion Bans Impact Maternal Health.”


SiX Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council champions Tennessee Sen. London Lamar and North Carolina Sen. Natalie Murdock joined in conversation with Black maternal health experts Dr. Anitra Beasley, MD (Texas) and Asha Hassan, MPH (Minnesota) to discuss the various, impactful ways that abortion bans impact black maternal health.

SiX/SFP: Increasing Access to Abortion via Telehealth

Join SiX for the third webinar in our Documenting Impact series, a collaboration with the Society of Family Planning.

Telemedicine is a viable option for individuals to turn to to access abortion care. In the face of increasing attacks on medication abortion, make sure you are up to date on the evidence and research supporting increased access.

Our guest speakers will present evidence on the safety and efficacy of telemedicine for abortion care, explain intersectional barriers to accessing care, and discuss their experience sharing this science with state legislators to create impactful policy.

Guest speakers include…