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SiX Reproductive Rights Urges Reproductive Freedom Champions to Get Loud with GA Rep. Park Cannon

SiX’s Senior Director of Reproductive Rights Jennifer Driver released the following statement:

“Last night Georgia Representative and Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council member Park Cannon was arrested for knocking on the door as Gov. Brian Kemp signed a racist voter suppression bill into law, behind closed doors, surrounded by six other white men.

“Rep. Cannon is one of many Black women in history who have sacrificed their physical and mental safety to protect our voting rights, and in effect, our bodily autonomy. We see time again how the mere existence of Black women is seen as a threat. No longer can we simply ‘thank a Black woman.’ We must be moved to action by standing with and protecting Black women.

“Reproductive freedom and voting rights and access are intrinsically linked. We see a clear, coordinated effort to suppress the Black vote and bodily autonomy from the 2019 Georgia abortion ban that was passed — and permanent struck down by the courts — to the voter suppression laws that were signed into law last night. We cannot pursue reproductive justice without equitable access to the ballot box.

“We call on all reproductive health, rights, and justice movement partners — including state legislators — to, in the words of Rep. Cannon, get loud. We must continue to fight against racist and anti-democractic attacks and win.”