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Care Post-Roe: Documenting cases of poor-quality care since the Dobbs decision

Since the US Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization in June 2022, total bans on abortion have gone into effect in 14 states, and severe restrictions have been enacted in others, including bans before many people know they are pregnant. In addition to restricting access to abortion care, these new laws have affected obstetric and gynecologic care and general medical care more broadly.

The Care Post-Roe Study, conducted by ANSIRH (Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health and TxPEP (Texas Policy Evaluation Project), seeks to learn about how clinical care has changed by documenting cases of care that was different from the usual standard due to abortion laws that went into effect since the Dobbs ruling.

This study allows health care providers to share these narratives anonymously and confidentially, at a time when they are being forbidden by their employers or hospital leadership from speaking with the press about these cases. This report presents the preliminary findings of the Care Post-Roe Study.